Pediatric care at Discover Life Chiropractic


Postnatal and pediatric care through Discover Life Chiropractic can relieve the stress and pressure on Mom and Baby’s spine that occurred during birth.

Pediatric care at Discover Life Chiropractic

Why you should see a chiropractor after birth

Congratulations! You made it through the pregnancy and delivery, and your little bundle of joy is finally here.  However, often Mom finds herself wavering between exhausted and overjoyed with exhaustion overtaking joy for a few reasons:

  1. The birth process is undeniably stressful physically, mentally, and emotionally
  2. Breastfeeding isn’t as easy as media makes it out to be
  3. Immune systems are lowered and illness becomes a possibility
  4. Baby isn’t able to sleep well, causing additional stress and worry to Mom and Dad

Chiropractic can remedy all four of these circumstances before they cause Mom, Dad and Baby to lose sleep and go a little…crazy.

Postnatal and pediatric care through Discover Life Chiropractic can relieve the stress and pressure on Mom and Baby’s spine that occurred during birth.  Once the physical stress is relieved, the mental and emotional stress will be as well.

What are the benefits of pediatric chiropractic care?

-Improve bodily functions that will help Baby turn its head easily when time for feeding.  Chiropractic care will also help Mom maintain increased energy levels and keep her feeling her best during the busy months to come.

-Ensure the immune system is operating at its fullest potential by correcting stressed spines and subluxations – two major factors that cause sickness and disease – which may occur during the birthing process.  Once proper alignment of the spine is restored, the immune system will function at its fullest potential – a must for a newborn and their mom.

-Infant adjustments can help relieve issues such as allergies, asthma, colic, bed-wetting, behavioral and focus problems, digestive problems and sleep issues.  Pediatric chiropractic is a truly life-changing health alternative that leads to optimal health and wellness.

Pediatric care at Discover Life Chiropractic

Our Madison Pediatric Chiropractor Reviews

I have a very…very colic baby. He is 2 months old and we have been trying everything for him. We went to see Dr.Joey and the first day we did, my little guy slept 7 hours! He also was actually able to settle enough to let me read him a book.
This is amazing.

Dr. Joey is very attentive and has a very calming way about him with babies. I would highly recommend! The man at the front desk, Kevin is super sweet and just makes you feel so welcome right away. As well as Dr.Joey’s wife. This place has become my little mans favorite place to be… other than in full on cuddle mode of course!! – Brittany K
After living in Madison for over 16 years we finally found the best Chiropractic Care in Madison! They treat everyone like family! I always look forward to my appointment , so I can chat with the friendly staff and have a few good laughs! Discovery Life you guys rock! – Christine G

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