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Digestive Issues: Nausea, IBS, Acid Reflux

Chiropractor Madison WI Dr. Joey Kelbel Reviews

Bianca H.

“For years, I would get acid reflux if I didn’t eat quick enough and after I would eat, I would get really nauseous. I have tried lots of medications for my digestive issues. An upper GI scan and allergy testing never provided me with any answers. Nothing seemed to work.

The assessments showed T6 as a problem area – linking my years of digestive issues. What had taken my PCP years to unsuccessfully figure out, Dr. Joey had an answer for me after my initial xrays the very first day. Dr. Joey is SO friendly and welcoming. He answers all of your questions along the way.

Not only am I feeling better, but after three months, my assessments say it all! My initial xrays of my cervical spine had a 7 degree curve and now I am up to 15 degrees at three months! My muscle and nerve assessments have significantly changed as well from the initial assessments.

I love how Discover Life Chiropractic has a monthly plan that is super affordable!”

Severe Migraines, Allergies, Sleeping Difficulties, Chronic Ear Infections

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Bre


“For a decade I have suffered from daily severe migraine headaches, allergies, sleeping difficulties, and chronic ear infections! For the past five years I have had to take time off work every two weeks due to my severe migraine symptoms (Migraine Aura).

Since I started care, I noticed immediate relief with my severe migraines. The severity in my migraine intensity reduced from severe to moderate, then moderate to mild, and eventually mild to nonexistent. My sleep has been much improved. I normally had year-round allergies, and now there are almost no symptoms.

Discover Life Chiropractic is amazing! Dr. Joey and staff are also amazing, friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable! Do not get discouraged. There is help and it is a process. Think long term and keep going with treatment, because it will better your life! I have had nothing but success since starting my care!

Chronic Migraines, Sinus Infections, Constipation, Irregular Menstrual Cycles, and Fatigue

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Carly

Carley E.

“For years, I use to have migraines two or more times within a single week. It impaired my ability to perform daily activities. Since I started care, my migraines have drastically decreased to one or two a month. I’ve had less sinus infections, improved neck/lower back pain, and normal bowel habits and menstrual cycles. I am able to get through my school and clinical days without taking naps afterwards. I feel energized!

When I used to have severe migraines multiple times within a week, I took Excedrin Severe Migraine Relief. I would take two or three pills at a time. I’d often have to take more after a few hours if the migraine did not improve. I am very happy to have decreased the number of pills I take as well as the concentration per dosage.

To anyone curious about chiropractic care, I would tell them it’s going to change their life for the better! My quality of life has improved significantly. I am happier and healthier. The quality of care I’ve been given has pleased me the most in my course of treatment. The state-of-the-art technology reassures me of my progress. All the DLC staff members are amazing. They truly care about all their clientele.

You will have no regrets into your new chiropractic journey. There are chiropractic options available for physiological issues you may have. Whether it’s mental or physical stressors, DLC can help you!

Dr. Joey has helped me get my life back. I can confidently say, ‘I feel happy and healthy.’ Thank you, Dr. Joey. “

Neck and Low-Back Pain Allergies and Sleeping Difficulties

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Clara

Clara B.

“After years of living with pain and trying physical therapy, acupuncture, and other chiropractic techniques with no evidence for improvement, I decided to give TRT with Dr. Joey a try for persistent neck and low-back pain. My neck and low-back pain had a very negative effect in all aspects of my life. The severity of the pain fluctuated according to my physical activities and worsened with increased stress.

The staff at Discover Life Chiropractic is phenomenal and Dr. Joey is knowledgeable, kind, and caring.

After one month under care, I saw results! My condition improved! I can now rotate my head to the left and right without pain and I can sleep better and do a lot more activities. I have seen that the adjustments have helped not only with my neck and low-back pain, but with my allergies and sleeping difficulties. I no longer take pain medications or allergy medications! I am feeling so much better and no longer have allergy symptoms!”

Low Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Jessica M.

Jessica M.

“For years, I experienced lower back pain as well as shoulder and neck pain.

After receiving care from Discover Life Chiropractic, I have been able to be more active! I have been able to more easily take care of my 19month-old daughter and more easily do activities with her with less pain. I am also sleeping better as well!

Not only am I feeling better, but I have been able to reduce the amount of Advil I have had to take in the past for headaches and back pain.

I recommend giving chiropractic a shot. I used to be nervous and skeptical about it in the past; however, when I was pregnant, I continued to receive chiropractic care and it made a huge difference in how I felt throughout the pregnancy and after.

If you are in a lot of pain, give chiropractic care a shot! It has helped me so much. I am able to live a better life!

Headaches, Neck Pain, and Allergies

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Jessica S.

Jessica S.

“For years, I had daily headaches and frequently experienced neck pain that interfered with my daily activities. I would feel my neck ‘go out’ about 4-6 times a year and it required daily visits to a traditional chiropractor for several weeks to relieve the pain.

I have not had a single episode of neck pain since I started treatment at Discover Life Chiropractic! My headaches have disappeared and I no longer take ibuprofen 2-3 times per week to alleviate headaches. I have also been able to stop taking daily allergy medication for my allergies.

This is not your average chiropractor! The treatments are fast, painless, and deliver immediate results! When I look back on my quality of life, it’s a shame I was so used to pain that it became a part of my life. That isn’t how we should live! Give this a try – you will never know how much better you can feel and function until you try.

The treatments are appropriate for all ages and abilities. The SKED app makes it so easy to change an appointment or check upcoming appointment times. All of the ‘work’ of an ongoing wellness regime is removed – no excuses!”

Low-Back Pain, Migraines, Carpel Tunnel

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Jillian

Jillian S.

“I suffered from lower back pain, migraines, and carpel tunnel for years prior to coming to Discover Life Chiropractic. I lived off Aleve before I found Dr. Joey.

Dr. Joey was very nice and is very knowledgeable. The office felt like home to me.

Under care, I am now migraine free! It has been several months since my last migraine! My carpal tunnel is better and my low-back pain has significantly decreased! I no longer need to take Aleve for my pain.

Dr. Joey is great and chiropractic works!”

Low-Back and Neck Pain Headaches

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Jim

Jim W.

“I had low-back pain and severe neck pain for years causing severe headaches. I used to have to take extra strength Tylenol; however, it never seemed to help with relieving my headaches.

Staff at Discover Life Chiropractic is accommodating and friendly. Dr. Joey is great and personable. The office is welcoming and comfortable!

After the first week of three adjustments, the headaches were not as bad. With further sessions, they were almost gone! My low-back pain has lessened quite a bit!

I can now say that chiropractic has freed me from headaches and Tylenol!”

Hip and Knee Pain

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Julie

Julie K.

“For months, I had horrible hip pain on the outer hip that radiated down the leg to the outside of the knee. The pain that I had made me limp when I walked, and I was unable to sit on the floor cross-legged. When at its worst, the pain was a 10 on the pain scale and even made it painful to stand for long periods of time, sit in chairs, and go from a sit to stand position.

I started seeing results after the first week of care. After giving it more time and repetition the pain is less frequent and less severe. I can now walk without noticing my hip pain.

Discover Life Chiropractic is so great at educating all their practice members! I was able to get all my questions answered before starting care!”

Shoulder Pain and Arm Range-of-Motion

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Lisa

Lisa B.

“I had severe shoulder pain that made it very painful and difficult to raise my right arm. It was so bad that I could not sleep without pain. My medical doctor told me the pain in my shoulder was arthritis and I relied on ibuprofen for the pain.

I was very skeptical of chiropractic and did not think that it could help me. But, once I started care, I noticed that I was sleeping better, and I was able to raise my right arm higher than before! I no longer need ibuprofen for my shoulder pain.

I am so thankful that I met the Discover Life Chiropractic Team – they are great and always helpful in serving the people. Thank you so much Team DLC for all you do!

Digestive Issues

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Marissa

Marissa F.

“Every time after I ate, I found myself hunched over in pain thirty minutes to an hour later and having to rush to the bathroom. The condition started off as a weekly occurrence but over the course of about a year, it started happening more frequently until eventually I knew it would happen after every meal I ate. This kept me from eating during the day to avoid digestive issues in class and at work.

In the past, I was prescribed two different medications to treat IBS as well as an acid-level imbalance. Neither of them worked and one of them gave me debilitating constant stomach cramps that made me prefer to just deal with my digestive issues.

So far, the care I received at Discover Life Chiropractic has substantially decreased the frequency and severity of my digestive issues. I can once again eat without constantly worrying about potential pain.

Digestive issues seem so disconnected from chiropractic care, but they are not. I highly recommend trying it out. I didn’t come to DLC until it felt like I had tried everything else (i.e. changing my diet, exercise, water intake, doctors’ visits, and medications). I wish I would have known about this sooner.

The change in symptoms has been a huge plus, but the overall outstanding customer service from Dr. Joey, Zizi, and Kevin coupled with how quickly a visit takes makes this a great treatment option. It isn’t like going to a normal doctor’s appointment. At DLC I feel welcomed while also having the flexibility to change my plans due to a busy schedule. Just try out the care. If it can fix something that seems unrelated – like my digestive issues – I am sure it can help you. Give it time and you’ll be amazed what it can do for you!”

Radiating Nerve Pain

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Nate

Nate R.

I struggled for years with radiating nerve pain down my left arm. I was not certain that my spine was the cause of the issue at the time; however, after one month under care at Discover Life Chiropractic, the pain was greatly reduced! Within Three months the nerve pain was almost completely GONE!

After giving it more time and repetition, I am now able to say that chiropractic has freed me from my radiating nerve pain!


Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Nicole W.

Nicole W.

“I have experienced clicking in my jaw and aches associated with jaw movement. I was diagnosed with TMJ and went to a TMJ specialist for physical therapy. Most of my time there was spent on him pushing on places in my jaw to try to release the tension. This was painful and ended up causing aches for days after an appointment. Usually, I would just go home after physical therapy and ice my jaw. After three months of therapy, my symptoms were the same.

I would take over the counter pain medication regularly. Usually after large meals or a day of smiling, I would need some Advil to subside the ache in my jaw.

Now I can chew gum without my jaw aching!

The excitement that everyone in the office shares when I express a positive change in my well being makes me truly feel like the quality of my life matters at Discover Life Chiropractic. Dr. Joey listens to feedback on how his adjustments have altered my condition and works with me continuously to solve all my health problems, not just one.

Even if you’ve tried everything, seen all the specialists and feel like your condition is irreversible, try chiropractic.

I just love this place and the people here. They are so welcoming and truly care about you as a person, not just as a patient. They share your joys and your tough times and encourage you with everything. Dr. Joey has so much knowledge and love for chiropractic and he shares it with you to help you understand how what he is doing is helping your symptoms.”

Conductive Hearing Loss

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Taryn

Nicole W.

“I have had muffled hearing in my right ear that sounded similar to the change in pressure on a flight right before your ears popped. In the beginning, I could simply pop my ears and it would go back to normal. After a few months, popping my ears only made me dizzy. I could not relieve my hearing loss. I went to an ear doctor and they discovered, I had conductive hearing loss due to negative pressure that they couldn’t find the source of. I spent the next few years constantly asking people “what?” and “huh?”

About an hour after my very first adjustment, I was driving to work when I noticed the song on the radio, “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Suede, sounded different. I’ve heard this song many times so I was very curious as to why suddenly it sounded differently. I immediately realized that it sounded different because I could actually hear it. It was like someone finally turned surround sound back on. Everything was so clear and loud, I needed to turn the volume down. My hearing had been so bad for so long, I had forgotten what everything used to sound like. Now I hear everything!

I can have a conversation and hear the other person clearly! I can sing more accurately than before (apparently when you have conductive hearing loss you become quite tone-deaf)!!!

When I first started chiropractic care, I didn’t mention my hearing loss as a condition because truthfully, I had just come to terms with the “fact” I would have this forever. The ear doctor couldn’t offer any treatment for it so I felt like hope was just lost on getting it back. It’s SO worth it to give neurologically-based chiropractic care a chance because it is absolutely life-changing.

Neck and Upper-Back Pain

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison WI testimonials - Taryn

Taryn J.

“I have had neck and upper-back pain for years and could not figure out what was causing it. Nothing seemed to make it stop or go away. The pain affected my everyday life. I went to other chiropractors throughout the years, and though they provided temporary relief, the pain would always return within days or weeks of treatment.

The staff at Discover Life Chiropractic is super nice, friendly, and knowledgeable. I feel that staff at Discover Life Chiropractic genuinely wants to help me, see me feel better, and have a better quality of life. Dr. Joey is great, and it’s been awesome coming here!

After six months under care, I see and feel big improvements with my pain. I have better mobility in my neck and my pain in both my neck and upper-back has significantly improved! I have been able to stop taking ibuprofen because the pain is more manageable and now, sometimes it goes away completely! “

Soreness, Backaches, Headaches, and Knee Pain

Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - William

William C.

“I had soreness, backaches, headaches and knee pain. I have dealt with these symptoms for a long time (over ten years) and have never sought treatment. I didn’t quite feel like going to a doctor because I was not aware of what the benefits would be.

After having a consultation with Dr. Joey and his staff, I was knowledgeable about my nervous system and how it intricately affects my everyday life. From digestion to sleep, the treatment that Dr. Joey uses seems to me to be genuine and effective.

I like where I am at right now, PAIN-FREE!, and aware that I can assist my recovery and sustain my wellbeing, now that I am informed. This style of treatment also compliments my ongoing pursuit to minimize the use of medications. I have felt the shifts in-between visits, I have felt the aches and wondered if things were working properly—and they are.

As a current MBA student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a youth running coach for elementary boys and being a full-time single dad, I would encourage others to invest time into your health and to let Discover Life Chiropractic help you cash in on your future!


Discover Life Chiropractic Madison testimonials - Zizi


I was diagnosed with Endometriosis during a laparotomy at the age of 22. Before my laparotomy, I struggled with intense abdominal pain since the age of 16. The pain would interfere with my ability to go out with friends, concentrate on my studies, and compete in Cross Country / Track. Living with chronic pain caused depression, leading me to start a depression medication.

Prior to my diagnosis, I had numerous emergency room visits, several CT scans, and hundreds of doctor visits. I had testing done in Rheumatology, Cardiology, Urology, Gastroenterology, and Gynecology. Every test would come back normal. After 6 years of no answers and being told that the pain was all in my head, I found an OB-GYN Doctor who would do a laparotomy to look for endometriosis.

After my first surgery removing the endometriosis, I was put on hormone medications, one of which included Lupron injections for six months. This medication had horrible side effects including depression. Already having depression, Lupron caused my depression to become much more serious and I had to take several depression medications to counter the side effects of Lupron. When my pain returned, I had a second abdominal surgery for my endometriosis, which only kept me pain free for one year following the second surgery.

Being a very competitive distance runner, I have seen a chiropractor for running related injuries. My chiropractic experience in the past was nothing like the experience at Discover Life Chiropractic. I previously never had any chiropractic x-rays or assessments and I was never told that chiropractic could also help with my endometriosis. While growing up, I held faith in my MD’s and their diagnoses. I wasn’t aware that there were alternatives or options. My first experience with chiropractic only strengthened that viewpoint.

It is incredibly empowering to know that my body can heal naturally. My body does not need to take or change anything to be healthy. Through this care, I’ve been able to completely get off of ALL depression medications, pain killers, and OTC medications. I am happy and 100% pain free for the first time in over 10 years!! Chiropractic care has been an amazing blessing in my life and I sincerely hope that everybody gives it a shot. Your body is powerful. Your body was made to heal. I’ve been able to reach levels of health that I never thought were possible.”

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